Monday, April 25, 2011

Fight The Power

Yesterday I went to a protest outside a detention centre near Footscray. There were a lot of press around and every time one of them seemed to be taking my photo I pretended to draw them. That put a stop to that!

Each picture is real, as in I drew it on the spot. This also explains the inconsistent quality.

I have annotated the text on each picture because my handwriting is pretty crap.

"I just don't think Australians in general understand class struggle."

"Wait, I dropped my pepsi."
It got pretty warm.

"Like, this place is a jail!"

"The pigs have their dogs..."
There were no police dogs there, only horses. That dog was pretty massive though.

"I became a citizen in 2001. I came here and now I run two businesses! I am not a bludger from Centrelink!"
This dude was one of the early speakers. He went on about being a business man while holding Socialist Whatever placards.

This guy turned up halfway through and got taken away by the police not long after.

"It's all run by guards, so they're in there on public holiday rates."
The protest was on ANZAC Day.

"Why are goin' now, comrade?"
"Had enough Michael Franti."
Fair enough.

This is hard to spell.

"Nah mate, that's per-fect."

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