Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How I Do An Assignment

SURPRISE! it involves Virgil!

Brief was creating a cartoon character for a new line of cat food treats. I'm not shitting you.

So I started drawing cats. First I thought it would be good to show them doing stuff, being active cats.

 But I kept coming back to this floating, not-so-anthropomorphised cat.

In this one he looks like he's dead, or is a zombie, which isn't going to make people buy the product BUT it gave me an idea.

So I redid the floating cat, trying to make him look less dead.

When I did the colour rough in Photoshop I decided to give him the hypno eye treatment.

I got the go ahead from my tutor, and followed his advice about using acrylic. I did a rough undercolour and worked over it with the cat's darker coat colours, so you can see the lighter colour underneath. 

After that I did the same thing for the background and stuck the cut-out cat over it, then fiddled with adjustment layers a bit to get this:

Now I've just got to get a better scan of the background (because my scanner is rubbish), then I'll replace the slightly faded one in Illustrator

Thursday, September 1, 2011


This is Virgil. I'm quite fond of him.

It has been suggested that he is my muse.

I tried to colour his rad stripes with pencil but his wonder is too great for my prismacolour premieres

and i ain't so hot with water colour. especially when i use them on shitty printer paper.
 i will colour him digitally. STAY TUNED