Tuesday, November 15, 2011

digital painting

So classes have finished and I haven't really done anything since, apart from start watching Twin Peaks, so I figured I get drawing again. Amongst the piles of loose computer paper I found this:

I've been  scared of these fuckers since that movie Communion came out.Though alien abduction and subsequent space rape is scary, what I find particularly unsettling is the idea of them watching me. Like if I looked out the window and there was one there, just looking at me. No expression. Not bothered that I've seen it. Ahhhhh shit!

Anyway, enough about my fragile psychological state. A grey, camped outside someone's house taking observational notes, seemed like a funny image so I redrew the alien, along with a back yard for it to observe from.

I scanned them both, cleaned them up and merged them. I also got rid of the plants because I couldn't be bothered with them. Leaves and shrubbery are tricky in that I can do them simply or detailed, that's it. I'm never happy with them.

After converting the outlines to colour I added in block colouring, as I do for Circle Jerk.

Then I added highlights and shadow. I avoided using black and white and used similar hues to the block colours, apart from a faint black filter over the whole thing.

I'm fairly happy with the shadows, but I think the line work in the original drawings is better. I'm going to try colouring this in a few different ways, next up is water colour. This is like therapy or something.

I painted the two line drawings separately then merged them in PS. 

I put the outlines from the digital version over the top, to see how that looked too.

Pretty much like I did the outline in ink, which is what I'll do next. Maybe in black and white.

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